Why did you call it that?

You might rightly ask: “What possessed you to name your website” It’s certainly a fair question.

In part, it boils down to the difficulty finding a domain name that a) hasn’t already been used or b) doesn’t have some sort or unintended, unwanted connotation.

Then you need to find a domain name that has some sort of meaning, even if the name only has meaning for you as the domain holder. That’s what led me to as the domain for this website where I intend to post my observations and opinions on politics, religion, and life in general.

Let me explain website name further: Diehard fans of The X-Files will catch the reference to “monkey pee” right away. It’s a line of dialogue uttered in the show’s first season finale episode by fictional FBI Special Agent Dana Scully (played by actress Gillian Anderson) . The episode, known as “The Erlenmeyer Flask”, remains one of my favourites – I was hooked on The X-Files from the first moments of episode one, season one. Continue reading “ Why did you call it that?”